Coaching for Leaders of Innovation and Change

Building Accountability into the Innovation and Change Process

Recently I made a new acquaintance who asked me when he found out what I did, “how do you make people accountable for results at a university.”  He was new to higher education administration and “frustrated beyond belief” that people responsible for leading change were not held accountable when it did not occur.”

From Smart to Wise: College Presidents Share Life Lessons

In our last blog post, we noted that there is a retirement wave coming among college and university presidents. As many as fifty percent of presidents may retire in the next five years. They will be replaced by younger professionals who no doubt are bright and capable. In fact, this next generation of leaders may be better prepared to meet the innovation and change challenges ahead.

Strategies to Refocus Your Executive Team on Innovation

Recently, a university president came to us with the following questions. “How do I refocus my executive team to work on the innovation and change we need? How can I do it without making everyone defensive and even more protective of their administrative areas?

The Good News and Bad News about Innovation on Campus

Innovation in higher education is a good news/bad news story. The good news is that there are plenty of opportunities for innovation and change. In fact, there is a lot of innovation happening right now on every campus in America. The bad news is…

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