New Campus Dynamics provides a flexible toolkit of services to help address your most urgent and important challenges. Engagements might be as simple as an innovation workshop for an individual unit or as extensive as developing a long-term institutional strategic plan. In every case, we focus on helping you develop innovative solutions and the internal ability to implement positive change.


  • Accelerated Strategic PlanningStrategic planning must be thorough and inclusive while creating a bias for action. We help leaders employ accelerated strategic planning roadmaps to ensure the organization is ready to implement the plan and create results as soon as possible.

  • High-Performance Leadership Team DevelopmentSuccess depends on having high functioning, fully aligned leadership. We coach teams at all levels to clarify roles and responsibilities, resolve conflicts and move them to become high performing.
  • Individual Coaching for Innovation LeadersIndividual coaching helps ensure that those responsible for leading innovation and change efforts have the knowledge, skill and motivation to reach their full potential.


  • Change Readiness AssessmentThe NCD Change Readiness Survey (CRS) provides quantitative and qualitative measures of organizational readiness for strategic change along with recommendations for gaining commitment from those who must implement the change.
  • Student Engagement MeasurementThe NCD Student Engagement Survey (SES) offers an online survey instrument that measures seven key factors of student engagement that assist in identifying where the institution needs to focus its efforts to improve the student experience. This instrument is valued for its predictive function when it comes to improving persistence and completion.
  • Organizational Unit AssessmentNCD consultants provide qualitative assessments using existing data, stakeholder interviews, external benchmarking and known best practices. Objective assessments of individual divisions and functions are used to inform potential changes in organization structure, processes and programs.


  • Designing and Launching an Innovation HubCreating an Innovation Hub is a great way to provide an infrastructure for bringing together interdisciplinary groups to create an on-going stream of solutions to systemic problems and then create practical plans to implement those ideas.
  • Change Initiative ManagementServices include design of change initiatives, coaching of leaders, design and facilitation of events for faculty, students and staff as well as chartering and coaching of task teams in the implementation phase.
  • Innovation and Change Capacity WorkshopsNCD provides workshops to increase the ability of individuals and teams to design and implement innovative solutions to institutional challenges. Workshops can be used for specific change initiatives or as professional development for faculty, administration and staff.
  • Campus-wide Stakeholder Engagement MeetingsNCD consultants are experts at designing and facilitating large and small group meetings that both engage stakeholders in creating change initiatives and transforms resistance into commitment.
  • Process and Organization Re-DesignServices ensure that existing or new organizational processes and structures effectively support strategic goals. We work with divisions or departmental units to assess, redesign and implement such changes.