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Al Blixt has more than 25 years’ experience as a coach and consultant designing and implementing rapid strategic change in complex organizations. Mr. Blixt is a developer of the Whole-Scale ® Change methodology. His areas of expertise include strategic planning, work process and organizational redesign, leadership coaching, team development, training and the facilitation of whole system change. He is the author of four books including being co-lead author of Leading Innovation and Change: A Guide for Chief Student Affairs Officers on Shaping the Future (NASPA 2015).

Post 007: From Smart to Wise: College Presidents Share Life Lessons

In our last blog post, we noted that there is a retirement wave coming among college and university presidents. As many as fifty percent of presidents may retire in the next five years. They will be replaced by younger professionals who no doubt are bright and capable. In fact, this next generation of leaders may be better prepared to meet the innovation and change challenges ahead.

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