“Hope, Direction, Clarity. Best Retreat Ever.”

Campus Workshops on Innovation and Change

These words sum up what participants tell us they get from our Campus Workshops on Innovation and Change. Leaders are all too aware of the urgent and immediate need for innovation and change in higher education. The mission of New Campus Dynamics is to support leaders who are ready to engage and mobilize their campuses to make innovation and change part of everyone’s work. Our Campus Workshops are an important element of any innovation strategy. With our expert design and facilitation, your faculty, administrators, staff and students can learn to take the mystery out of the process of innovation and experience generating ideas that will lead to action.

A Two-Day Innovation and Change Campus Workshop

Innovation and Change Campus Workshops can be convened at the college, division or institutional level. They are sponsored by the senior leadership and are designed to support and align with all current strategic goals. The Campus Workshops two-day experience brings leaders together on the first day and then expands to a general session on the second. The Campus Workshops is planned in collaboration with the senior leaders. We take the time necessary in advance to ensure that the content meets the specific needs of your institution.



Leadership Workshop on Leading Innovation and Change

A half to full-day session for the leadership team including all appropriate direct reports. The scope can be a college, division or the entire school depending on who is sponsoring the session. The purpose is to prepare the members of the team with the knowledge, skills and commitment needed to lead innovation and change processes.



All-Hands Innovation and Change Campus Workshops

A half to full-day session for a representative group of faculty, administrators, staff and students. Can be all-campus or all-unit. Through hands-on activities, participants experience applying the principles of innovation and change theory to high value opportunities they identify. Action plans for actual potential projects sets the stage for later approval and implementation.


The faculty for NCD Campus Workshops are drawn from the NCD consulting team. Founding partners Larry Smith and Al Blixt lead each Campus Workshops project with other experts added to the faculty as needed. You will learn from the experts who literally “wrote the book” on leading innovation and change.

Available Now:

Leading Innovation and Change: A guide for Chief Student Affairs Officers on Shaping the future

by Laurence N. Smith, Albert B. Blixt, Shannon E. Ellis, Stephen J. Gill, and Kevin Kruger

Leading Innovation and Change is a manual for implementing systemic transformational change in colleges and universities. The authors detail eight steps for revolutionizing the division of student affairs into a leader and producer of institution-wide innovation and change. They present a combination of organizational theory, effective strategies, helpful tools, and practical advice, and discuss the conditions that must be present for an organization to overcome resistance to change.


Colleges and universities have always transformed with the times even if that fact is often overlooked. Positioning the campus to embrace such change is the key role of leadership. You can build an innovation culture that engages faculty, students and staff in imagining and achieving a shared vision of success. New Campus Dynamics (NCD) was formed to help higher education leaders incorporate innovation into the very fabric of their institutions. The team at NCD combines deep experience in higher education with proven organizational change expertise to partner with clients in creating comprehensive solutions that turn challenges into opportunities.