Hold Your Own Innovation and Change Workshop

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Why send one or two people to learn about innovation and change when you can engage your entire campus in doing it?

Hold Your Own Innovation and Change Workshop

Accelerate an Existing Innovation Initiative or Launch a New One

NCD Campus Innovation and Change Conferences are a change intervention rather than simply a training exercise. They build commitment for your institutional goals and lay the foundation for ongoing transformational change.

Campus Innovation and Change Workshop Benefits

• Involve faculty, administrators, trustees, professional staff and students
• Present custom content for each audience
• Create readiness for positive change

• You choose the number of days and the specific topics
• Sessions are 2-4 hours to allow participants to manage their time commitment
• Each session facilitated by expert NCD workshop leaders
• Executive sessions for senior campus leaders
• Private coaching for key functions

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Sample Workshop Topics

Leadership Strategies for Creating A Culture of Innovation and Change

Audience: Executive leadership including president, provost, deans, vice presidents and key faculty leaders
This is an executive briefing on the theory and application of strategic innovation and change.

Mobilizing the Campus: Designing and Implementing a Strategy Roadmap

Audience: President, Provost, vice presidents and director level management.
This is a session on how to design a strategic change journey to move the campus from awareness to understanding to support to commitment and action.

Think Tank: Fueling our Innovation Engine

Audience: A campus-wide cross section of faculty, students, staff and administrators up to 500 people.
This is a session designed to spark innovation and change on the campus using the framework of the RTG System. Participants will have an opportunity to interact creatively to understand what is helping and hindering student success and identify new ideas that the people in the room can take action on immediately.

Designing Your Leadership Portfolio for Innovation and Change

Audience: President, Provost, selected vice presidents and deans.
This is a leadership development session based on the NCD Leadership-Innovation-Change 360 self-assessment instrument. Requires gathering input from superiors and subordinates prior to session. Should be used as a part of ongoing leadership development efforts.

Bridging the Gap: Improving Collaboration Across Boundaries for Student Success

Audience: Anyone with responsibility for managing or delivering student services including academic advising, residence hall services, career services, remedial services, financial aid and others.
This is a cross-functional workshop designed to create new understandings and new agreements for coordination, cooperation and ultimately collaboration between and among academic affairs and student affairs. This is directly related to creating a seamless student support chain on the campus.

Practical Strategies for Faculty Involvement in Innovation and Change

Audience: Faculty members, school and college deans and others who may be interested.
This is a session designed to engage faculty in understanding the business case for strategic innovation and change. The session will be interactive to create dialogue about ways that faculty can help support student success both inside and outside of the classroom. It will also serve as a forum for better understanding of the issues that faculty see that affect student persistence.

Metrics that Matter: Information Strategies to Drive Decisions and Actions

Audience: President, provost, vice presidents, deans and directors plus CIO, IT and IR staff.
This is a workshop about creating decision support information that is predictive rather than retrospective. It is about measuring the right things and communicating data proactively to guide decisions and motivate actions. The workshop will include reference to real campus data and development of action plans to improve the use of existing data and create new measures. This can include how to leverage new software tools, how to coordinate existing systems that don’t talk to each other and how to create a more data driven culture on campus.

Retention, Graduation and The Changing World of Work

Audience: President, provost, deans, select faculty, directors of academic advising and career services.
The world of work is rapidly being transformed as we move deeper into the Information Age. This session explores the changing nature of work and the changing nature of our students as we think beyond our traditional age students to include transfer students, adult learners, veterans and international students who strongly link their academic experience with future employment opportunities. This workshop will help attendees explore new ideas for how teaching and learning can become more relevant, more exciting and more effective. There will be lots of new information as well as change for dialogue and application of these ideas for this campus.

To discuss the possibilities contact us to schedule a free consultation.

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