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A6Q Student Engagement Survey Tool

The new A6Q Student Engagement™ assessment tool is now available for your campus.

This online student survey, developed by New Campus Dynamics, will help you to assess how well your institution is responding to student needs that affect persistence and completion. The A6Q assessment can be used to guide more effective use of resources based on the relative balance of factors students find most important. Click here for a complete description of the A6Q factors.

The A6Q survey can be administered to your entire student body or to a specific segment such as a specific college, international students, first year students or adult learners. There are approximately 40 items on the survey that measure more than 100 key dimensions. It takes about 10 minutes to complete. Your institution will receive a diagnostic report indicating your results and how they compare to your peers. We are very excited at the prospect that the A6Q holds for advancing system-wide institutional improvement. Contact us now for more information.
Sample Section of the A6Q Online Student Survey that measures both importance and satisfaction of seven key persistence factors. (Click to enlarge.)

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